Software Inc Alpha 5.1

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PARTIALLY implemented company deals (Still WIP)
Added reception desk, receptionists and guests
Completely overhauled stock system! Each company now has X stocks worth Y, the first stock is always owned by the company and worth whatever was in the bank account at launch (Still WIP)
OS popularity now depends on the software released for it, increasingly as time goes on
Fixed actor timer not going down fast enough on 3x speed causing a lot of complaints
Completely overhauled how often simulated companies are created and how often they release new software, meaning ALL MODS WILL BREAK (Example here: )
Employees can now cut across diagonally when inside rooms
Added connect servers option in right click menu to connect all selected servers
Secondary blue highlighting, currently to highlight connected servers and assigned furniture/rooms
Autodev quality should depend on average applicable skill for work instead of leader skill
Added electricity, water and maintenance data overlay
Data overlay now affects employees skin in satisfaction/effectiveness mode
Made outstanding quality possible
Bugs now give bad rep continually
Added reputation barchart toggle in product detail window
Innovation now controls sales falloff over time, instead of just being a direct multiplier
Reputation stars will be red if decreasing
AI companies should plan releases ahead of time instead of just releasing them, this will enable a lot of cool stuff in the future, like planning ahead for the player
Sales are now multiplied by actual quality so bad releases don’t get sales simply because there is no competition
Contract deadline is now visible in beta phase
Flatscreen TV now unlocks in 1995
Added ability to change color for lamps and holo computer
Double click column resize button to make fit contents
SCM server requirements have been reduced to counter balance changes in devtime during alpha 4
Removed turning animation and fixed pathing speed problem for speeds above 1x
Leaders shouldn’t handle themselves in HR, that is the player’s job
Remove screen tint when in color mode and or changing graphic settings
Ignore staff in data overlay mode
Added cool color filter to data overlay mode
Time should keep skipping after wage negotiation
Border in wire mode
Fixed employees wlking through skyscrapers
Add warning if company name hasn’t been changed when starting a new game
ESC to exit new game screen
Fixed light shining through floor in some cases with more shadows enabled


Just double click the .exe file and install.

 Minimum Specifications

CPU: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
OS: Windows Vista, 7 and 8
Video Card: 512 MB dedicated video RAM, Shader Model 3.0
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 500 MB available space


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Size Game: 194.49 MB

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Software Inc Alpha 5.1
Article Name
Software Inc Alpha 5.1
PARTIALLY implemented company deals (Still WIP) Added reception desk, receptionists and guests

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